Since early 2016, the Border Mail has been publishing history articles in their ‘Community News’ section every Saturday. Albury & District Historical Society members have contributed many of these articles and most are available here.
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Early Business People of Lavington Social Life in Lavington pre 1869 Albury's Own Battalion Victorian Mounted Rifles
Early Days of Albury Football Club St Patrick's Football Club Early Days of Ambulance Service Albury's Flying Doctors
150 Years of Sisters of Mercy North Albury Youth Club Glenly Tennis Club Albury Female Publicans
Albury Gas Company Women Working Together Albury's Vietnam Vets Lavington Rugby League
Albury Cricket Association East Albury Cricket Club North Albury Red Cross Albury Scout Hall
Boomerangs & Victory Vanities Murray Valley Coaches F L Vines Fanny Ceres Flour Mill
Mate's Retail Business
Matron McAllister Joan Sutherland in Albury Ella Caspers Malcolm McEachern
Alice Wyatt-Albury Girl Future Kings in Albury John Lankester Wine Industry Pioneer Albury's Best Known Author
Eric Frauenfelder F A Stow and Co Jacob Brann James Soden
Louis Harrison-architect George Dallinger-coach builder Ellen Waugh Leonce & Georges Frere
Changing Trains in Albury Great Southern Rail Sistine Choir in Albury Crossing the Murray
Bethanga Bridge Opens Albury Quarantine Camp 1919 Storm Hits Albury 1923 Mates Store Fire 1915
Armistice Day in Albury Peace Day 1919 Albury Celebrates New Year Albury Celebrates New Year#2
Albury Industrial Exhibition 1896 Anzac Day Marches Albury's big blackout The Army Leaves Albury
Flooding in Albury
PS Cumberoona Albury's Royal Palais Chelvey Private Hospital Albury Albury District Hospital
Meramie Private Hospital Greenfield Park Albury Macquarie Worsteds St Patrick's school building
Union Bank & Oakley Photos Wodonga Street Albury Forrest Hill Estate Albury Logan's Timber Yard
Albury Botanic Gardens gates CML Building Albury Smollett St Bridge Albury's First Showgrounds
Australian Joint Stock Bank Lighting Albury's Streets Bungambrawatha Creek West's Motors Albury
Albury Saleyards Adelyn Clothing Factory Albury Public Buildings 1878 Albury's Time Ball
Poole Street & Poole's Hill Early Motels of Lavington Early Lavington Churches Arnold's Box Company
19th Century Albury Theatres Brook's Bakery Stock Routes and Albury Sportsground Albury Central Laneways
Bathing in the Murray Albury Swimming Pool Bank of NSW_Kia Ora Electric Road Train
Alexandra Park North Albury Infants School Albury High School Hume Monument
Highway through Albury Albury Civic Centre Hoyts Theatres Albury's Valetta
Hawksview Bridge Albury Pioneer Cemetery Albury's Loma Loma Corner Stores
Hanel Street Albury's First Fire Station Port of Albury Albury's Dean Square
Ryan's Market Hotel Ryan's Hotel Dean St Border City Hotel Sars_MacWhite's_Garrison Hotel
The Terminus Hotel Fallon Cellars Albury Liddle's Brewery Albury Billson Family Breweries
Early Gold Mining in Lavington Gold at Nailcan Gully Gold at Ethiopian Reef Naming Lavington
Dutch Links to Border Albury Butcher & Dutch Queen Tulips at Albury Racecourse Clog connection with Albury
Silk farming in Albury Arnold's Milk Jugs Border Closures The Overlanders
Naming of Albury Albury's Radiation Pioneers New Australia colony Liberal Party launch