From time to time there are items in the Albury Collection that our curators cannot identify. If you can help, please Contact us

The Scripture Text Book

This small book is in the Albury LibraryMuseum collection and we know little about it. It appears to have been used as a book to record birth dates of family members and friends in the late 1800s, early 1900s.

Names include Arnold, Besnard, Cassell, Flannery, Game, Goldstein, Hawkins, Hooper.

The Unknown Bell

It was made by J W Horwood Albion Foundry in Castlemaine. They likely made bells from at least 1878 until 1894 when the business was sold.
As you can see from the photo, it has an arm to the left for a pulling rope to attach and it pivots in wooden blocks (one set missing). The mounting yoke is huge! The attachment block is around 15 x 15 cm in cross section. With a yoke like that it could have been mounted vertically, or horizontally with two mounting bolts.

We have the time frame that it was made and the serious nature of the mount, but where could it have been installed?