In November 2019 it will be 100 years since Australia’s then Governor-General, Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson, turned the first sod to construct the Hume Dam. The Dam was not officially opened until 1936.
In 2001, then president of Albury & District Historical Society, Gerry Curtis, produced and narrated a Powerpoint presentation outlining planning and construction of the dam, the machines used and the people involved.
The Powerpoint presentation has been restored and converted to an 83 minute video. You can view the video on YouTube by clicking on this link: Hume Dam Construction 1919-36
The Bethanga Bridge spanning the Hume Dam was one of 583 bridges designed by Percy Allan. A YouTube video by Russell Gawthorpe pays tribute to Percy Allan and features the Bethanga Bridge. Click on the link to view Russell’s video: Percy Allan – The Man Who Built 583 Bridges

Click on the link for a pdf document with a quick overview of the Hume Dam’s construction: Hume Dam Construction

Celebrating 100 Years

Hume Dam construction started with a ceremonial ‘turning of the first sod’ on November 28, 1919 by Australia’s Governor-General, Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson.
Every fourth Saturday of 2019, the Border Mail has published an article describing progress in construction of the Hume Dam as we prepare to celebrate the centenary. The final article will be published on November 16.
Part 1: The Concept
Part 2: Planning a Dam
Part 3: Getting Started
Part 4: The Human Cost
Part 5: The Victorian Core Wall
Part 6: The Bethanga Bridge
Part 7: Tools of Trade
Part 8: The Spillway Rises
Part 9: The U-tube Nears Completion
Part 10: A Load of ‘Plums’