The mayor of Albury, Alderman Cleaver Bunton, called a meeting in the Albury Town Hall (now MAMA) for Tuesday November 8, 1960 to form the Albury & District Historical Society. The Society was founded to play a part in the preservation of the history of the city and its surrounding district. Society Bulletin Number One records that the first papers to the Society were delivered at the December 1960 meeting by Mr Milton Mott speaking on “The History of Printing” and Mr Percy Burrows on “The Early Days of Albury.”

The objectives of the Albury & District Historical Society include:

  • To assist with the collection, storage and exhibition of local and regional historical materials and artefacts.
  • To support and facilitate the recording and publication of local and regional histories, and the dissemination of this material.
  • To help secure the preservation of places and objects of historical interest.
  • To provide a forum for dissemination of information and discussion of topics of local and regional history via monthly meetings of the Society.
  • To interact and cooperate with other community groups enabling the Society to more readily achieve its objectives.